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Sesame Oil Nasal Spray - Made from sesame oil | 100% natural - 100% Pharmaceutical Grade | Lubricates dry nasal passages | 0.75 oz. fl

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Sesame Oil Nasal Spray is 100% natural source natural sesame oil and lubricates severely dry, irritated noses. A nasal moisturizer nasal spray for dry noses which keeps you nasal passages moist.  This unique lubricant made from sesame oil eases breathing by helping to reduce uncomfortable, dried build up in the nostrils while it lubricates dry and tender nasal passages. Compare to Nozaid nasal moisturizer and get more relief for the amount spent. Naturepro Sesame oil which cleanses and moisturizes whereas normal saline nasal sprays can dry out.  One of the best nasal moisturizer for oxygen users.  A great remedy for dry nasal passages

Medicinal Ingredients : 100% natural source | Pharmaceutical Grade Sesame Oil.

Non-Medical Ingredients: None .